New Narthex, McMinnville Oregon – Our Lady of the Woods

The Apostolic Johannite Church and the Archdiocese of Wisconsin are pleased to announce the formation of a new Gnostic Christian community in McMinnville OregonOur Lady of the Woods Narthexof the Apostolic Johannite Church is forming under the leadership of Monsignor Scott Rassbach.

The first meeting will take place at 235 NE Third street, on the third floor, on June 22, 2017 at 7:00 pm. There will be a follow up meeting on Saturday, July 1, 2017, at the same location, at 2:30 pm. There are stairs in the front of the address, and an elevator in the back.

The first meetings will focus on what Gnosticism is, and how does the Apostolic Johannite Church teach and enact gnostic principles.

A Narthex is the Johannite community’s name for a study group and prayer fellowship. It takes its name from the technical term for the entrance to a church building. It is the area where those new to the congregation would meet before and after service to learn, talk, and discuss.

Our Lady of the Woods is the patron saint of Oregon. By taking this name for the community, we honor both the divine feminine within the Apostolic Johannite Church, our location in Oregon, and the Marian and Sophianic currents in the gnostic tradition.

The Apostolic Johannite Church is a global network of Johannite communities that focus on supporting individual and direct experience of the Divine through fellowship, meditation and prayer, service and ritual, lively discussion and study.

We have parishes and study groups across the USA, Canada, Spain, Australia and New Zealand and we welcome anyone who comes respectfully and openly to our service.

Come as you are, and stay as long or as little as you like and share your pilgrimage toward the Divine.

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